Journal entry 131: Good Omens ||| Terry Pratchet, Neil Gaimen

So I evoked Abadon today. (Ah-bad-den) is the church’s pronunciation I believe. Not much to report since he said he doesn’t like when people write about him. He was kind. He asked me if I wanted his help to ascend and I said yes. He told me he wanted a friendship and working relationship with […]

Journal 124: Know One ||| Andy Black

‘Why shoudn’t I write things down?” “I don’t care if you write things down” “Is this belzebub or belial” “It doesn’t matter we’re the same person” I ajusted myself in the seat. “Do I have a spiritual reputation?” “You do” “What is it?” “A laughing stalk a fool, an insane madman” “Is the aspects of […]

Journal 120:”To be honest life’s too short to be embarrassed by little things? Wear that outfit your mom said was ugly & laugh your natural too loud laugh & talk to intimidating people you find interesting ! Join cringy clubs & read books everyone hates & wear too much eyeliner! If shit doesn’t work out who cares! People who are worth being around will stick by you anyway!” tumblr user -garageband-bitch

Lately I’ve been living in an escapist fantasy with my magick. This is a sad but true realization. I was pushed on the right handed path and I abided. I was pushed into skepticism and I abided. I was pushed into voodou and I abided. I just want my magickal path to be my own […]

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